Marinated Mushrooms
Gluten free, vegan

My fascination with marinated mushrooms began on a trip to Northern Europe last year, watching so many people out in the forests collecting wild mushrooms. Every family seemed to have their own special recipe for this delightful and versatile taste addition to any meal.

After much experimentation and attention to detail I came up with my own version using the principles I'd learned from time tested European recipes in places like Sweden, Estonia, and Latvia.

Enjoy these with crackers, on pizza or crusty bread, in recipes, with meat, in stir fries, as part of a meal or appetizer.

Ingredients: 3 kinds of fresh cooked mushrooms from the market, grapeseed and sesame oil, balsamic vinegar, yellow onions, fresh garlic, sugar, (sweet cicely herb and cilantro from my garden) and other spices.